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Glass Planets by Josh Simpson

Some amazing glass art by Josh Simpson. Here’s what he has to say about it:

I like to pack Planets with more information than the naked eye can possibly see. I’ve always been fascinated by technology. I couldn’t begin to build a micro-chip but some of the spaceships circling my planets probably have as many discrete elements as one. With planets, I incorporate many Venetian glass techniques, such as murrini (mosaic glass, also known as millefiori) and vetro a filigrana (filigree glass, also called latticino). These ancient traditional techniques are just where I start. The cores of Planets are full of bubbles, threads, and kaleidoscopic patterns evoking unseen landscapes and underwater worlds. I know I’ve succeeded when you feel like you have to look closer at one of my little worlds and then lose yourself in its textures and color.

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