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Here are some links you'll find useful if you're looking for crossword puzzles.

Many newspapers offer daily puzzles in the Across Lite format. If you download the Across Lite plug-in, you can print these puzzles, or do them online. If you're on a Mac, like me, I recommend a compatible program called Black Ink, which I find to be superior to Across Lite. The quality of its printouts is excellent.

There are a few websites which crossword puzzle enthusiasts should check out on a daily basis:

  • The American Values Club: xword contains the crosswords formerly offered by The Onion. This is an excellent collection of puzzles, edited by Ben Tausig. They are cleverly constructed, have funny themes, don't shy away from recent pop-culture references, and aren't afraid to throw in the occasional off-color clue (something that would never happen in the NY Times).

  • is a resource for crossword enthusiasts and puzzle constructors in particular. The site has message boards, a puzzle archive, and links to a number of daily puzzles.

  • Rex Parker blogs about the New York Times and Los Angeles Times crosswords in an entertaining and amusing manner. I read his blog entries daily. Rex is a big believer that crosswords should minimize boring wordfill, and should not assume all solvers are allergic to pop culture. I agree with him.

Finally, here are pointers to a few puzzles, most in Across Lite format.

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