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Software Toys

all software by Jim Bumgardner. Have fun!!!

Whitney Music Box
whitney music box
Wheel of Lunch
Wheel of Lunch
Make your own Kaleidoscope
make your own kaleidoscope
Flickr Colr Pickr
color picker
Amazing Instant Ascii Cam
Make ascii pictures with your webcam!
Springy Thingies
spring builder
SF Cover Explorer
Flickr Chia Pet
flickr chia pet
Institute of Druidic Technology
Did the Ancient Druids invent the Mouse pad?


Adjustable Maze
adjustable maze
Circle of Cheese
circle of cheese
Honeycomb maze

Click here for printable mazes...

Card Tricks

Lie Detector Card Trick
Internet Lie Detector
One-click Card Trick
one-click card trick
Mind Power
mind power, a card trick

Flash Games (with source code)

ping game
Blue Meanies
space shooter
Flipbook Shooter

Interested in making your own flash games? I've posted tons of examples in my Flash Bestiary.

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