Welcome to FlickRandom

Here you will be presented with randomly-picked photos from Flickr.

So what can you explore? Random photos from:
  • The entire database.
  • Interestingnessy photos (featured in the Explore pages).
  • 's photostream (type a user's name, url or Flickr id in the box)
  • 's favorites (again, identify a user)
  • 's contacts (again, identify a user)
  • The group (type a group's address or nsid in the box - full-text search not supported yet, sorry!)
  • A random user's favorites. Go to fd's Random Photo Browser for this.
PLEASE NOTE: The photos are picked entirely at random - if it's visible to the public, it's game!
This means that you might see here content that may offend you. If this is completely unacceptable to you, please return to Flickr.

If on the other hand you won't find anything offensive, or if you do see something offensive it won't make you collapse, throw a fit or call your lawyer, then by all means, enjoy FlickRandom.

Remember: you use this at your own risk.

Created by GustavoG and hosted by jbum.