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February 3rd, 2008

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expired film1626
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Lomo LC-A94917.5
Cross Processing - XP - XPRO438515.2
Don't forget to take the lens cap off - A group for Holga users123513.2
The Film Group158111.0
Slide Film61310.9
canon film photography [cfp]16509.7
6x6 -COLOR- *120Film ONLY* NO Toycamera, NO X-Processed5899.5
Film-friendly folks.6467.3
I Shoot Fuji (FILM)23427.0
I Shoot Kodak Film7726.8
Vintage Camera Photography18336.5
Olympus XA Users Collective14276.2
Twin Lens Reflex37406.2
I Hate Digital!8636.0
Grain is Good26475.9
Holga freak9925.8
Film Shooters (under 25 only)5135.7
Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim7995.4
Russian Cameras15495.3
Holga people (people in the picture)14675.1
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