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February 3rd, 2008

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**Best of Flickr** (Comment 1 OR invite 2)7112
BrowseRelated group (links to Flickr)MembersScore
**Heart Awards** (Post 1 Award 5)175109.2
"Exemplary Shots - Flickr's BEST! (Post 1 Award 3)"64869.2
Amazing Shots! (Post 1, Award 3)128629.2
All You Need Is Love75407.5
A+++ Photo (Post 1 give A+++ logo to 3 pics)-1/day-Read Rules192467.3
Amazing Talent (Post 1 Comment 3)30206.5
"A" Class/post 1-comment 2 . Comment on any two please!111746.2
"I love my pic" Please Award or lnvite35245.7
*Music To My Eyes* - (Post 1 - Award 5)49535.7
Beautiful Capture (Open for ALL)305505.6
EPERKE Award (Post 1: Award 5)39835.3
Your Preferred Picture40285.2
SHINING.STAR - Post 1- Give 5 Stars101465.1
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