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February 3rd, 2008

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Dragon Gold Award "Invited Images ONLY"(Post 1, Award 2)6158
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***GOLD STAR AWARD*** invite needed ~VOTE NOW front page contest890414.1
The Unforgettable Pictures ~ INVITES ONLY ~ Comment on 3 !! ~848012.2
*Platinum Photography *Medal or Invite* *Now Voting*1038310.9
Inspire! INVITE high quality photos ONLY.393210.5
CITRIT,Best of yours! / Invited only/comment 2 /109319.9
Gold Seal of Quality (Invited Pictures Only)(1post:2Comment)32689.2
Superb Masterpiece - First Anniversary Celebration! - Contest!197238.6
Super Shots - Only Invited Photos239538.5
The Perfect Photographer(Invited Photo Only)-Award & Fave 2131878.1
Ysplix (invited only photos!!)98787.8
An Awesome Shot! Invited Photos ONLY!!273017.1
Flickr Cubism Award : Great Artistic Photographer - Invited21586.8
Natures Finest (Invite Only ) Check out all our Threads!248036.8
Excellent Photographer Awards ( INVITE ONLY )111566.5
MY WINNERS!Trophy INVITED photos ONLY/Comment on 2 of your faves454626.3
Extraordinary Compositions40466.0
**Brilliant~Eye~Jewels**[INVITED PHOTOS ONLY]46205.7
**A Big Fave (Invite Only)-Post 1/Fave or Comment 2371585.2
Digital Eloquence (Post 3 Award 3)13485.1
Blue Ribbon Photography [Invited Images ONLY]261835.1
Shield Of Excellence (INVITE ONLY) {ONE <> ONLY}217524.9
HARMONY (Post 1-Comment 3)**VOTE NOW**13424.8
Everyday is SUNday!(INVITED photo ~ COMMENT 2) CONTEST WINNERS53304.7
Impressed by your Beauty! {Invite Only} ARTIST SPOTLIGHT274064.7
Search the Best...Invited Photos Only133424.3
Golden Globe 1 Awards (Post 1 - Award 5)NEW CONTEST29054.2
"I love my pic" Please Award or lnvite35244.2
My Best Photo's - Enter Our Photo Contest!14883.9
ImagePoetry - ImagePo.sie ~ Invite Only & Comment on 128073.8
"Sm.rg.sbord" (Post 7 - Award 3)29063.8
Ultimate Shot ~ Post Invited Images Only!78873.4
Wonderful world Mix ( Post 1 - Comment 2.) Please!!!34173.0
PEOPLE'S CHOICE (Post 1, Award 3) Best Quality Images Only.94123.0
DEFENDER'S Macro and close up { POST ONE / COMMENT ON TWO. }39653.0
Zen Enlightenment (now voting!)32272.9
EPERKE Award (Post 1: Award 5)39832.9
Better Than Good (Invite Only--Give 2 Awards)156742.9
Far and Away the Best (Invited Images ONLY)48972.9
*Music To My Eyes* - (Post 1 - Award 5)49532.8
Fl.ckr Extraordinary Capture Award - Post 1 and Award Others!51452.8
The Pritzker Architecture Prize on Flickr82732.7
Dazzling Shots | Post 1 comment 5 |37502.7
* Free NATURE * (Vote!)79112.6
flickr GOLD***invited images only pls***154142.6
"A" Class/post 1-comment 2 . Comment on any two please!111742.6
**Platinum Heart Awards** (PHOTOS WITH 6+ HEARTS Only!)48942.5
Color Photo Award (trophied only)152212.5
*THE BIG ONE (post 1 - comment/fave 3)* - Contest: People!!71772.5
Flickrs heaven- post one- give 5 angels32052.4
National Geographic: Are You Good Enough? Post 1, Vote for 3112322.4
Macro Awards (Invite Only)29522.4
Golden Mix ( Post 1 - Comment 2.) Comment On Any Two Please!!!25982.4
MAGICAL! (Invited Images Only) Post One + Invite One30552.4
Amazing Talent (Post 1 Comment 3)30202.3
Flickr Bronze Award17402.3
~Envy of Flickr!~ (Invited Photos Only! Please)31682.3
Amazing Shots! (Post 1, Award 3)128622.2
SHINING.STAR - Post 1- Give 5 Stars101462.1
Fl.ckr Hearts- post 1- give 5 hearts119042.1
"Exemplary Shots - Flickr's BEST! (Post 1 Award 3)"64862.1
* WINTER * post 1 *** award 3.....NEW CONTEST!!!..PEOPLE & SNOW29172.0
World's Best Dazzling Shots.("invited images only")41072.0