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Krypto Kakuro Puzzles by KrazyDad

Krypto Kakuro puzzles are a kind of advanced kakuro (or cross sum) puzzle in which the numeric clues have been replaced by letters. Your job is to figure out which number each letter stands for, and then solve the puzzle.

If you haven't solved any regular Kakuro puzzles yet, I suggest you do a few of them, since it will make it easier to solve these. If you like these puzzles, be sure to check out my other puzzles too!.

Here is a walk through of how to solve my first Krytpo Kakuro puzzle, so you can pick up some strategy.

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These puzzles ©2006 Jim Bumgardner. Feel free to reproduce the puzzles for personal, church, or school use. If you would like to publish all new puzzles for a book or periodical, contact me at Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles are also available.

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