January 2022

The Krazydad Discord server is a new place where you can talk to me, and meet other people who are interested in puzzles. You can report problems or mistakes with this website, suggest new features or new puzzles, get periodic announcements from me, or discuss the theory-of-puzzles and other deep thoughts. Maybe I'll see you there!

Hard Area 51 Puzzles by KrazyDad
8x10 puzzles, 4-per-page, Volume 1

Each booklet contains a collection of 24 different puzzles, with the answers in the back. The booklets are arranged, roughly, in order of difficulty with easier books first.

These booklets are in PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

Here is a printable sheet of instructions for these puzzles.

Out of puzzles? Let me know, I'll make more!