2024-June 🌻 Happy Summer! 🏖️

Kaleidoscope Logic Puzzles (Summer 2024, Puzzlewright Press) is my first variety slitherlink book, and my most beautiful book to-date. It is spiral-bound, and contains 124 puzzles, including both classic and variety Slitherlink puzzles. These lovely puzles include several unique full-page tessellations that I have not published elsewhere. If you are new to Slitherlink, you'll appreciate the tutorials which cover both classic and non-square-grid Slitherlink puzzles.

Circle 9 Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Circle 9 puzzles suitable for printing.

Circle 9 is a new puzzle invented by James Dewar of circle9puzzle.com. This addictive puzzle is played on a Sudoku grid, but has very different rules. The object is to circle just the nine numbers 1–9, such that each row, column, and block contain a single circled number.

I am providing two different collections. A set of classic Circle 9 puzzles, played on classic Sudoku grids, and a a set of variety puzzles (six different varieties per booklet). The varieties include diagonal, windows, and symmetrical and asymmetrical jigsaw grids.

Each set of 100 books is sorted roughly by difficulty — the puzzles get more difficult as you progress from book 1 to 100. Regardless of the difficulty level, there is always a single unique solution that can be solved with logic, and without guesswork.

Special thanks to James Dewar (@jkdewar on Discord) who invented the classic puzzle, introduced it to me, and granted permission for me to construct these puzzles for you.

Circle 9 Puzzles

Variety Circle 9 Puzzles

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