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Cow and Cactus Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Cow & Cactus puzzles suitable for printing.

Cow and Cactus (aka Corral) is a Slitherlink variant invented by David Millar.


The goal of this puzzle is to build a fence fully containing all the cows and excluding all the cacti. The fence must be a single closed loop that does not cross itself at any point!

COWS must be kept inside the fence, or they will wander away.

CACTI must be kept outside the fence, as they will give cows indigestion.

CIRCLED NUMBERS are always inside the fence; they indicate visibility. This number counts the total squares visible looking north, south, east, and west from the location of the clue (including the clue's square). You cannot see squares that are beyond the fence.

There is only one solution!

Note: To make the puzzles larger, I have omitted instructions from the puzzle booklets.

Out of puzzles? Let me know, I'll make more! Don't see the format you prefer? Let me know!

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Thanks to David Millar, who invented this puzzle format!