Haunted mirror maze puzzles
A preview of the Haunted puzzle type, with a puzzle at three different solve points.
A sample of the artwork from the Haunted books.

Here are hundreds of free Haunted puzzles suitable for printing.

Ghoulish fiends (or is it fiendish ghouls?) are causing a ruckus in the local funhouse mirror maze, and as an amateur cryptozoologist, it's up to you to catalogue them! Can you figure out where they're all hiding?

Haunted (also known as Haunted Mirror Maze and Undead) is a placement puzzle where you use "counting" clues to figure out just where all of the monsters are hiding in the maze. There are three kinds of monsters: ghosts who can't be seen directly, vampires which turn invisible in mirrors, and zombies that are always visible (and out for brains).

As an added bonus, our Haunted puzzles come with gorgeous full-page artwork, perfect for setting the spooky mood and even coloring in. We think kids and adults alike will be thrilled by this spine-tingling, brain-tickling puzzle!

Each volume of Haunted puzzles is ordered by difficulty, with the easiest puzzles in Book 1, and the hardest in Book 100. If you are new to these puzzles, we recommend you start with Book 1. If you find they are too easy, skip ahead by 20 books or so. If you find the puzzles are getting too hard, move up to Book #1 of the next volume, and they'll get easier again.

These puzzles are provided in 4-per-page format, with a full page of instructions up front.

Special thanks to David Millar for letting us use this spooktacular puzzle type, and to Catherine Yi (@canowerms) for the beautiful art.

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