November, 2022: 🦃 🕎 🎄 Happy holidays folks! For 2023, I have three new Sudoku Variety books out on Amazon, which you can read about over on the Sudoku Page. Have a wonderful Christmas / Thanksgiving / Kwanzaa / Hannukah / Festivus season and happy puzzling!

No-op KenKen Puzzles by KrazyDad
6x6 size, 4-per-page, Volume 7

Each booklet contains a collection of 8 different puzzles, with the answers in the back.

The puzzles in this collection are arranged roughly in order of ascending difficulty. They will get much harder as you progress to higher book numbers.

These puzzles will print out 4-per-page. Click here for large-type 1-per-page versions.

These booklets are in PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. If you like these puzzles, also check out my other puzzles.

Solved them all? Click here for volume 8