Sep 1, 2022: Volumes 25 and 26 of Killer Sudoku are out! Happy puzzling!

Kakuro Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are thousands of free kakuro puzzles suitable for printing. Each of my puzzles has only one unique solution.

Need some help? Here's an excerpt from my book, Large Kakuro Volume 1, that explains how to solve Kakuro puzzles.

Want to save some trees? Try my Interactive Kakuro Puzzles on your browser or iPad.

If you are comfortable with Kakuro, you may also like my puzzle Krypto Kakuro which adds cryptogram-like decoding to the challenge.

My new series of Kakuro books, featuring large 14x19 puzzles, are available on Amazon. If you buy one, please submit a review - it'll help other people find them. Thanks!
Looking for larger puzzles? My latest Kakuro books, available on CreateSpace and Amazon, are made of 14x19 puzzles, my largest Kakuro yet! The above two sample files contain some puzzles from these books.
I offer puzzles in two formats. The krazydad format, which I prefer, retains the visual symmetry of each puzzle, by showing each clue twice inside a triangle, on each side of the word.