2024-May 🌷 Happy Spring! 🍀

Hey look! New puzzle varieties:

  • Queens (Star Battle meets Chess)
  • Troix (a new kind of Binox)
  • Split Ends (a distant relative of Binox)
  • Triple Cross (new cross-figure puzzles)
  • Circle 9 (A new addictive puzzle that resembles a Sudoku, but isn't!)


Tough Killer Sudoku, Volume 22

Each booklet contains a collection of eight different puzzles, 1-per-page, with a page of answers in the back. The booklets are ordered by ascending difficulty -- the puzzles in book 100 are much harder than the puzzles in book 1. All these puzzles have a single unique solution.

These puzzles are in PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

You can also download all 800 of these puzzles, in the 4-per-page format ( with hints and answers, with answers but no hints, or with neither hints nor answers).

Want to save even more trees? Try the online version of these puzzles.

Here's a handy cheat-sheet of candidate cage sets that makes it easier to eliminate numbers.

Problems printing puzzles? Try these work-arounds.

Out of tough puzzles? Here's 800 more!.