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Queens Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Queens puzzles suitable for printing.

Queens is a cross between Star Battle, and the traditional 8-Queens chess puzzle. I’m offering two varieties: a chessboard-sized 7 Queens puzzle (my personal favorite), and a larger 9 Queens puzzle.

In these puzzles, the board is divided into seven or nine realms, using thick lines. Within each realm lives a lone queen. Your job is to position one queen within each realm. These queens are peaceful and must not attack each other, using chess rules. Therefore each row, column, and diagonal may contain one queen at most. You’ll find it easiest if you identify and mark where the queens can’t go (I use little dots for this).

Each volume is ordered by difficulty, with the easiest puzzles in Book 1, and the hardest in Book 100. If you are new to these puzzles, I recommend you start with Book 1. If you find they are way too easy, skip ahead by 5-10 books or so. If you find the puzzles are getting too hard, move up to Book #1 of the next volume, and they’ll get easier again.

Want to save some trees? Try the interactive version of these puzzles.