Sandwich Sudoku puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Sandwich Sudoku puzzles suitable for printing.

On this page you'll find four puzzle variants that all use Sandwich clues. These extra clues, on the outside of the main grid, indicate the sum of the squares between 1 and 9 in the corresponding row or column. For example if a row contains the numbers 629345178, the clue would say 12, which is the sum of 3+4+5. If the clue is zero, you will know that there are no squares between 1 and 9. The largest clue is 35, which means that both 1 and 9 are on the ends (with all the remaining numbers between them).

Sandwich puzzles have the interesting property that the number of givens for the puzzle can be significantly smaller than a regular sudoku. I've created a few additional variants here, all named after delicious sandwiches I like.

Each collection is ordered by difficulty, with the easiest puzzles in Book 1, and the hardest in Book 100. If you are new to these puzzles, I recommend you start with Book 1. If you find they are too easy, skip ahead by 10 books or so. If you find the puzzles are getting too hard, move up to Book #1 of the next volume, and they'll get easier again.

My puzzles are provided in 1-per-page format. You can use the formatting option on the download page to produce foldable booklets that conserve paper and ink.

SPECIAL THANKS to programmer Phil Bordelon, who helped program and debug these variations.

Don't see the format you prefer? Run out of puzzles? Let me know!