Easy Slitherlink Puzzles (301-400)
10 x 10 Format, Volume 1

Each booklet contains sixteen puzzles, with the answers in the back.

Unlike some of my other puzzle series, these books do not get more difficult as the numbers get higher - the difficulty is somewhat random. In each book, the even numbered puzzles (2,4,8 etc.) have symmetrical clues, and are slightly easier to solve, because this often means there are more clues.

These booklets are in PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

If you like Slitherlink puzzles, you'll probably like my Masyu puzzles, and Galaxy puzzles, both of which also involve spatial reasoning.

Book 301Book 302Book 303Book 304Book 305
Book 306Book 307Book 308Book 309Book 310
Book 311Book 312Book 313Book 314Book 315
Book 316Book 317Book 318Book 319Book 320
Book 321Book 322Book 323Book 324Book 325
Book 326Book 327Book 328Book 329Book 330
Book 331Book 332Book 333Book 334Book 335
Book 336Book 337Book 338Book 339Book 340
Book 341Book 342Book 343Book 344Book 345
Book 346Book 347Book 348Book 349Book 350

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Book 351Book 352Book 353Book 354Book 355
Book 356Book 357Book 358Book 359Book 360
Book 361Book 362Book 363Book 364Book 365
Book 366Book 367Book 368Book 369Book 370
Book 371Book 372Book 373Book 374Book 375
Book 376Book 377Book 378Book 379Book 380
Book 381Book 382Book 383Book 384Book 385
Book 386Book 387Book 388Book 389Book 390
Book 391Book 392Book 393Book 394Book 395
Book 396Book 397Book 398Book 399Book 400

Finished with Book 400 and want more puzzles? Here ya go!

Feel free to reproduce the puzzles for personal, church, or school use. If you would like to purchase new puzzles for publication, contact me at dad@krazydad.com.

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