Easy Slitherlink Puzzles (201-300)
7 x 7 Format, Volume 1

Each booklet contains thirty-two puzzles, with the answers in the back.

Unlike some of my other puzzle series, these books do not get more difficult as the numbers get higher - the difficulty is somewhat random. In each book, the even numbered puzzles (2,4,8 etc.) have symmetrical clues, and are slightly easier to solve, because this often means there are more clues.

These booklets are in PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

If you like Slitherlink puzzles, you'll probably like my Masyu puzzles, and Galaxy puzzles, both of which also involve spatial reasoning.

Book 201Book 202Book 203Book 204Book 205
Book 206Book 207Book 208Book 209Book 210
Book 211Book 212Book 213Book 214Book 215
Book 216Book 217Book 218Book 219Book 220
Book 221Book 222Book 223Book 224Book 225
Book 226Book 227Book 228Book 229Book 230
Book 231Book 232Book 233Book 234Book 235
Book 236Book 237Book 238Book 239Book 240
Book 241Book 242Book 243Book 244Book 245
Book 246Book 247Book 248Book 249Book 250

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Book 251Book 252Book 253Book 254Book 255
Book 256Book 257Book 258Book 259Book 260
Book 261Book 262Book 263Book 264Book 265
Book 266Book 267Book 268Book 269Book 270
Book 271Book 272Book 273Book 274Book 275
Book 276Book 277Book 278Book 279Book 280
Book 281Book 282Book 283Book 284Book 285
Book 286Book 287Book 288Book 289Book 290
Book 291Book 292Book 293Book 294Book 295
Book 296Book 297Book 298Book 299Book 300

Finished with Book 300 and want more puzzles? Here ya go!

Feel free to reproduce the puzzles for personal, church, or school use. If you would like to purchase new puzzles for publication, contact me at dad@krazydad.com.

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