Variety Slitherlink Puzzles by KrazyDad

I love making slitherlinks with non-grid tilings. If you are familiar with grid based slitherlinks (which I also offer), you'll love the way these different tilings change the rules and patterns needed to solve the puzzles.

Here are hundreds of free Variety Slitherlink puzzles suitable for printing.

Want to save some paper? I've got interactive versions of these puzzles too, which work great on an iPad or desktop.

Variety Slitherlinks (6 different tilings per book)

Penrose Slitherlinks

Altair Slitherlinks

Laves Slitherlinks

Snowflake Slitherlinks

Honeycomb Slitherlinks

Cairo Pentagon Slitherlinks

Snub Square Slitherlinks

Rhomboid Slitherlinks

NEW: Tough Floret Slitherlinks

NEW: Tough Septistar Slitherlinks

NEW: Easy Penrose Slitherlinks

Rhombille Slitherlinks (3,6 intersections)

Rhombille Slitherlinks (3,4,5 intersections)

Thanks to Craig Kaplan for helping out while I was working on these puzzles.

All puzzles ©2008-2024 Jim Bumgardner / KrazyDad. Feel free to reproduce the puzzles for personal or school use. If you would like to purchase new puzzles for publication, contact me at

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