2020-Mar-27: I've been working on a new set of Skyscraper puzzles, and you can download a preview sampler here (just in case you're bored, stuck inside for some reason, and like a really challenging puzzle). Enjoy!

Suguru Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Suguru puzzles suitable for printing.

Suguru, also known as Tectonics or Number Blocks were invented in Japan by Naoki Inaba, a very prolific puzzle designer. These puzzles have very simple instructions, but a very wide spectrum of difficulties, ranging from easy to insanely challenging.

If you are new to these puzzles, here's an Easy Suguru Tutorial and a more advanced Challenging Suguru Tutorial for you to print. These tutorials are from my books, which you can find on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Suguru puzzles are quite different than Sudoku, so you'll want to read these rules carefully: You'll see that the grid is subdivided into containers or cages, each of which is 1 to 5 cells in size. You need to fill each container with unique digits, counting up from 1. So for example a 2-square container contains the numbers 1 and 2. A 5-square container contains the numbers from 1 to 5. Adjacent (touching) cells may never contain the same number, and this includes diagonally adjacent cells. That's it!

Each collection is ordered by difficulty, with the easiest puzzles in Book 1, and the hardest in Book 100. If you are new to these puzzles, I recommend you start with Book 1. If you find the puzzles are getting too hard, move up to Book #1 of the next volume, and they'll get easier again.

Want to save some trees? Try the online version of these puzzles.

Don't see the format you prefer? Run out of puzzles? Let me know!