TripleCross Puzzles

by Neil Aggarwal

Example TripleCross puzzles
TripleCross puzzles are a variant on the Cross-figure puzzle, a kind of numeric crossword puzzle. Unlike cross-figures, which have across and down clues like a crossword puzzle, TripleCross puzzles use hexagonal grids with across, up, and down clues for each of the 3 axes.

These lovely puzzles were contributed by Neil Aggarwal, who has created a website, which contains his cross-figure-inspired puzzles. Neil's puzzles are very clever and fun (and extremely challenging) to solve.
Check 'em out!

Each PDF contains 24 puzzles. Note: If you are new to these puzzles, you might want to try some classic (and somewhat easier) Cross-figure puzzles first.

Want more? Neil has published several books of these puzzles on Amazon. Check 'em out!

Intermediate Volume 1 Challenging Volume 1 Hard Volume 1
About the constructor
Neil Aggarwal
Neil Aggarwal loves puzzles. Sometimes he is solving an existing puzzle, sometimes he is figuring out how to create new ones. Computer programming is always a good source of puzzles. So is using a new ingredient or making a new recipe. Sometimes the puzzle is to figure out how to get his 4x4 vehicle across a challenging trail. Life is full of puzzles, and he enjoys all of them. He also loves spending time with his family, friends, and dogs -- who, at times, are puzzles too!

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