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Intermediate Slitherlink Puzzles - 100 Series
20x20 Format

Each booklet contains eight-big puzzles, with the answers in the back.

Unlike some of my other puzzle series, these books do not get more difficult as the numbers get higher - the difficulty is somewhat random. In each book, the even numbered puzzles (2,4,8 etc.) have symmetrical clues, and are slightly easier to solve, because this often means there are more clues.

These booklets are in PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

If you like Slitherlink puzzles, you'll probably like my Masyu puzzles, and Galaxy puzzles, both of which also involve spatial reasoning.

Book 101Book 102Book 103Book 104Book 105Book 106Book 107Book 108
Book 109Book 110Book 111Book 112Book 113Book 114Book 115Book 116
Book 117Book 118Book 119Book 120Book 121Book 122Book 123Book 124
Book 125Book 126Book 127Book 128Book 129Book 130Book 131Book 132
Book 133Book 134Book 135Book 136Book 137Book 138Book 139Book 140
Book 141Book 142Book 143Book 144Book 145Book 146Book 147Book 148

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Book 149Book 150Book 151Book 152Book 153Book 154Book 155Book 156
Book 157Book 158Book 159Book 160Book 161Book 162Book 163Book 164
Book 165Book 166Book 167Book 168Book 169Book 170Book 171Book 172
Book 173Book 174Book 175Book 176Book 177Book 178Book 179Book 180
Book 181Book 182Book 183Book 184Book 185Book 186Book 187Book 188
Book 189Book 190Book 191Book 192Book 193Book 194Book 195Book 196
Book 197Book 198Book 199Book 200

Finished with Book 200 and want more puzzles? Here ya go!

Special thanks to Craig Kaplan and Simon Tatham.

Feel free to reproduce the puzzles for personal, church, or school use. If you would like to purchase new puzzles for publication, contact me at

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