March 17: I've added Novice Sudoku puzzles (which sit between Easy and Intermediate), making seven levels of Sudoku difficulty to choose from. One for each day of the week!

Sudoku Printables

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Here are thousands of free Sudoku puzzles to print. Each booklet of printable Sudoku contains eight puzzles, instructions, hints and answers. If you like these puzzles, check out my other puzzles too!

Want to save some trees? Try the online version of these puzzles.

Krazydad Sudokus are also available in a daily puzzle (for print or online).

Select a difficulty level:

Click here for the interactive puzzles
These are the easiest sudoku puzzles I offer. If you are new to Sudoku puzzles, try some of these first.
NEW FORMAT! These puzzles are midway between my Easy and Intermediate puzzles, and contain just a few redundant clues.
These sudoku puzzles can be solved using simple logic, but unlike the Easy & Novice puzzles, they contain no redundant clues.
Tough sudoku require more advanced logic such as X-Wing and Swordfish (click here to read more about these advanced sudoku strategies). I provide an extra scratch area on these puzzles for working out the solution.
Super Tough puzzles may require a little guesswork, or even more advanced strategies (click here to read about advanced sudoku strategy) to complete the puzzle. I provide an extra scratch area on these puzzles for working out the solution.
Insane sudoku are the hardest sudoku I offer. They cannot be solved without making guesses. I provide an extra scratch area on these puzzles for working out the solution, but it won't be much help!

How to use the hints

My printable puzzles contain a page of hints in addition to a page of answers.

The hints are puzzle grids that contain numbers showing the order in which the squares were solved by my computer. Although this is not necessarily the order you would solve the puzzle, it's probably in the neighborhood.

Follow the numbered squares in order 1,2,3,4,5... until you find a square you haven't solved yet. This square (or the one or two immediately after it) is a good candidate to solve next.

All puzzles ©2005-2014 KrazyDad.com. Feel free to reproduce the puzzles for personal, church, or school use. If you would like to purchase new puzzles for a book or periodical, contact me at dad@krazydad.com.