Winter 2023

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Binox Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Binox puzzles suitable for printing.

Binox is my name for an addictive binary puzzle which has been in circulation since 2009. It has been variously called Tic-tac-logic, Binoxxo, Binairo, Binario, Takuzo, Binary Puzzle, Bineiro, Brain Snacks, Zinero and Zernero. Simon Tatham's puzzle collection has a similar puzzle that uses fewer constraints called Unruly.

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. The puzzle is filled with Xs and Os.
  2. Horizontally and vertically, there can be no more than 2 of the same symbol touching.
  3. There are an equal number of Xs and Os in each row and column.
  4. Each row must be unique. Each column must be unique.

The main differences between the difficulties in this collection is how many of the above rules need to come into play while you are solving the puzzle. For the easiest puzzles, only rules 1 and 2 are used. The novice and challenging puzzles require rule 3, and the toughest puzzles require all 4 rules. Regardless of the difficulty level, there is always a single unique solution that abides by all of above rules.

Want to save some trees? Try the interactive version of Binox.

If you like this puzzle, you may also enjoy Troix, a variant of this puzzle which uses three symbols instead of two.

Note: Some published versions of this puzzle, such as Binairo, use 1s and 0s instead of Xs and Os. I've chosen Xs and Os for these printable puzzles, but my interactive version supports both styles. If you really want a printable version that uses 1s and 0s, let me know and I'll get around to adding them.