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Kaleidoscope Logic Puzzles is my first variety slitherlink book, and my most beautiful book to-date. It is spiral-bound, and contains 124 puzzles, including both classic and variety Slitherlink puzzles. Lots of unique full-page tessellations that I have not published elsewhere. If you are new to Slitherlink, you'll appreciate the tutorials which cover both classic and non-square-grid Slitherlink puzzles. Enjoy! |

Troix Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Troix puzzles suitable for printing.

Troix is my name for a 3-symbol variation of Binox (also known as Binoxxo, Binario, and many other names). These puzzles are a bit harder than Binox puzzles, especially if you are new to them. I would start with the 9x9 regulars, and then check out the diagonal and sudoku variations and larger sizes after you've mastered those.

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. The puzzle is filled with Xs, Os, and Is.
  2. Horizontally and vertically, there can be no more than 2 of the same symbol touching (no three-in-a-row).
  3. There is an equal number of each symbol in each row and column.
  4. Note: Unlike Binox, there is no row/col uniqueness rule.

This puzzle also features two variants which add additional constraints to the above rules:

  1. The DIAGONAL TROIX variety disallows three-in-a-row on all diagonals, in addition to the rows and columns. This substantially increases the difficulty of these puzzles.
  2. The THREEDOKU variety adds Sudoku-like 3x3 boxes, which also must contain an equal number of each symbol. These are somewhat easier than the Diagonal puzzles, and somewhat easier than regular Sudoku, I find.
  3. The DIAGONAL THREEDOKU variety combines the above two variations.

Each set of 100 books is sorted roughly by difficulty — the puzzles get more difficult as you progress from book 1 to 100. Regardless of the difficulty level, there is always a single unique solution that abides by all of above rules.

Want to save some trees? Try the interactive version of Troix.

Special thanks to Jared McComb (@bosuonparedo on Discord) who suggested this format and aided in its development. Thanks to Phil Bordelon (@Sunfall) for QA assistance. I am very grateful for the Krazydad Discord Community which is a great place to suggest and collaborate on new puzzles, like this one!

Don't see the format you prefer? Run out of puzzles? Let me know!