Winter 2023

The Krazydad Discord Community is a new place where you can talk to me, and meet other people who are interested in puzzles. A great place to report problems or mistakes with this website, suggest new features, help me brainstorm and test out new puzzles, get periodic announcements from me, or discuss other deep thoughts. Maybe I'll see you there!

Troix Puzzles by KrazyDad

Here are hundreds of free Troix puzzles suitable for printing.

Troix is my name for a 3-symbol variation of Binox (also known as Binoxxo, Binario, and many other names). These puzzles are a bit harder than Binox puzzles, especially if you are new to them. I would start with the 9x9 regulars, and then check out the diagonal and sudoku variations and larger sizes after you've mastered those.

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. The puzzle is filled with Xs, Os, and Is.
  2. Horizontally and vertically, there can be no more than 2 of the same symbol touching (no three-in-a-row).
  3. There is an equal number of each symbol in each row and column.
  4. Note: Unlike Binox, there is no row/col uniqueness rule.

This puzzle also features two variants which add additional constraints to the above rules:

  1. The DIAGONAL TROIX variety disallows three-in-a-row on all diagonals, in addition to the rows and columns. This substantially increases the difficulty of these puzzles.
  2. The THREEDOKU variety adds Sudoku-like 3x3 boxes, which also must contain an equal number of each symbol. These are somewhat easier than the Diagonal puzzles, and somewhat easier than regular Sudoku, I find.
  3. The DIAGONAL THREEDOKU variety combines the above two variations.

Each set of 100 books is sorted roughly by difficulty — the puzzles get more difficult as you progress from book 1 to 100. Regardless of the difficulty level, there is always a single unique solution that abides by all of above rules.

Want to save some trees? Try the interactive version of Troix.

Special thanks to Jared McComb (@bosuonparedo on Discord) who suggested this format and aided in its development. Thanks to Phil Bordelon (@Sunfall) for QA assistance. I am very grateful for the Krazydad Discord Community which is a great place to suggest and collaborate on new puzzles, like this one!

Don't see the format you prefer? Run out of puzzles? Let me know!