2024-June 🌻 Happy Summer! 🏖️

Kaleidoscope Logic Puzzles (Summer 2024, Puzzlewright Press) is my first variety slitherlink book, and my most beautiful book to-date. It is spiral-bound, and contains 124 puzzles, including both classic and variety Slitherlink puzzles. These lovely puzles include several unique full-page tessellations that I have not published elsewhere. If you are new to Slitherlink, you'll appreciate the tutorials which cover both classic and non-square-grid Slitherlink puzzles.

Pixidoku Puzzles by Krazydad

Here are hundreds of free Pixidoku puzzles suitable for printing.

Pixidoku are an award-winning variety of Suguru that use picture tiles instead of numbers. Each booklet has a page of tiles to cut out, followed by 24 puzzles, which range in difficulty from 1 to 3 stars.

Each puzzle uses five unique pictures. The grid is arranged into five-square partitions. Each partition must contain all five pictures. Identical pictures may not touch horizontally, vertically nor diagonally.

A big shout-out and thank you to schoolteacher Heather Moore for helping improve these puzzles! The emojis in this collection were provided by EmojiOne.