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Bridges Puzzles


Here are hundreds of free Bridges puzzles suitable for printing. In Japan, Bridges are known as Hashiwokakero (Japanese: 橋をかけろ). They are also known as Hashi or Chopsticks. In these puzzles, you connect the islands to form a network so that you can reach any island from any other island. The number on each island indicates the number of outgoing bridges. You may only connect islands horizontally or vertically, and you may use one or two bridges to connect islands, but no more than two. Each Bridge puzzle has only one unique solution, which you can find without guessing.

The puzzles in these books get progressively harder as the book numbers get higher.

Want to save some trees? Try the online version of these puzzles.

Select your preferred size:

Small 9x9, Ascending difficulties, 4-per-page.

Small Bridges, Volume 1
Small Bridges, Volume 2
Small Bridges, Volume 3

Medium 14x22, Ascending difficulties, 2-per-page.

Medium Bridges, Volume 1
Medium Bridges, Volume 2
Medium Bridges, Volume 3

Large 20x25, Ascending difficulties, 1-per-page.

Large Bridges, Volume 1
Large Bridges, Volume 2
Large Bridges, Volume 3

Extra-Large 25x25, Ascending difficulties, 1-per-page.

Extra-Large Bridges, Volume 1
Extra-Large Bridges, Volume 2
Extra-Large Bridges, Volume 3

Don't see the format you prefer? Let me know -- I'll make more!


Connect the islands with bridges until each island can be reached from any other island, and each island has as many outgoing bridges as its number. You may only connect islands vertically or horizontally and bridges may not cross. There may be one or two bridges connecting pairs of islands, but no more than two. Each puzzle has a unique solution that can be found without making guesses.

Take a look at the answers page if you get stuck!