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21x21 Galaxy Puzzles by KrazyDad

Each booklet contains a collection of 6 different puzzles, with the answers in the back.

The puzzles in these books get significantly harder as the book numbers go up. If you find the puzzles too easy, go up a few book numbers, until you find a good difficulty level.

These booklets are in PDF format and need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

If you like Galaxy puzzles, you'll probably like these Slitherlink puzzles, which also involve spatial reasoning.


Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4Book 5Book 6Book 7Book 8
Book 9Book 10Book 11Book 12Book 13Book 14Book 15Book 16
Book 17Book 18Book 19Book 20Book 21Book 22Book 23Book 24
Book 25Book 26Book 27Book 28Book 29Book 30Book 31Book 32
Book 33Book 34Book 35Book 36Book 37Book 38Book 39Book 40
Book 41Book 42Book 43Book 44Book 45Book 46Book 47Book 48

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Book 49Book 50Book 51Book 52Book 53Book 54Book 55Book 56
Book 57Book 58Book 59Book 60Book 61Book 62Book 63Book 64
Book 65Book 66Book 67Book 68Book 69Book 70Book 71Book 72
Book 73Book 74Book 75Book 76Book 77Book 78Book 79Book 80
Book 81Book 82Book 83Book 84Book 85Book 86Book 87Book 88
Book 89Book 90Book 91Book 92Book 93Book 94Book 95Book 96
Book 97Book 98Book 99Book 100

All puzzles ©2015 Jim Bumgardner / KrazyDad. Thanks to Simon Tatham, whose code formed a starting point for these Galaxy puzzles.

Feel free to reproduce the puzzles for personal, church, or school use. If you would like to publish new puzzles for publication, contact me at

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Copyright © 2015 by KrazyDad. All Rights Reserved.
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