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Pseudo Mondrian

As drastically different as this looks, this started out as a simple modification of the second program in this series (Random Pixels x 4). It was slightly tweaked to resemble the art of Piet Mondrian.

In this version, we use a very limited color palette (sampled from a couple of web-images of Mondrian paintings), and we grow and shrink each color block using a sine wave whose phase is determined by the position on the screen, the passage of time, and the sliders.

Quadrilateral symmetry is still used, to provide a pleasing visual arragement, although Mondrian himself wasn't quite so obvious with his block placement.

Here's the core code for growing and shrinking the blocks:

xphase = (this._x + getTimer()*.001)*.5
yphase = (this._y + getTimer()*.001)*.5
this._width = TILE_X+TILE_X*Math.sin(xphase);
this._height = TILE_X+TILE_X*Math.cos(yphase);


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