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"These examples run great on my !"
-- Frugal Coder

A compendium of actionscript-centric Flash movies, by Jim Bumgardner, with accompanying source . For your & elucidation. Now with Actionscript 3 examples!

2010 Note: I've begun porting some of these examples to HTML5/Canvas. If you're interested in a particular sketch, let me know.

Physical Simulations

Super Balls Clumping Wheel of Trinkets Springy Thingies Dainty Walker Springy Titles

Natural Phenomena & Fractals

Lightning Generator Windy Grass Fern Fractal Flying thru Clouds Deep Blue Sea Phyllotaxy

Circles & Kaleidoscopes

Dumb Pie Chart Yin Yang Yin Yang with Background Spyrograph Classic Spirals Log Spirals Yin Yang Kaleidoscope


Waving Jolly Roger Waving American Flag Millard Fillmore Bobblehead Victorian Tamagotchi Ostrich Herd Cats in Fog

Ask Jim about Actionscript

100 good solutions to common (and not so common) scripting problems.

Actionscript Books

Looking for a good actionscript book? Here are capsule reviews of my favorites.


Random Pixels Random Pixels x 4 Random Checkers Pseudo Mondrian Spikies Mystify

Mazes and

Cretan Labyrinth Simple Maze Grid Maze Polar Maze Honeycomb Maze Mac n Cheese Man

Fun With Text

Psychoanalysis Random Name Gen Basic Ticker XML Ticker Old Typewriter Adventure Game

Classic Games

Road Kill Ping Shooter Game Platform Game Gummies Asteroids


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