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Publications by Jim Bumgardner

Papers and Essays

Emergent Orange, Bridges Proceedings, 2014 (a longer self-published paper is here)
Kircher's Mechanical Composer: A Software Implementation, Bridges Proceedings, 2009
The Whitney Music Box, Bridges Proceedings, 2009
Variations of the Componium, Self-published draft, 2013
Tracking Twitter's Growth after Snowflake, Digisynd White Paper, 2010
Puzzle Building and the Creative Mind Mung Being Magazine
Information Theory and Art, Mung Being Magazine
Mochas and Modern Medicine at
On Birds and Birding at
The Art of Computer Deception at (a catalog of ways to accomplish magic tricks on a computer)


A Panoply of Puzzles, Tiny Lobster, 2022
Sudoku Emergency Kit, Tiny Lobster, 2022
Where Did I Put my Sudoku Book?, Tiny Lobster, 2022
Gluten-free Sudoku, Tiny Lobster, 2022
Two Not Touch, Vols 1-3, Tiny Lobster, 2020
Ephemeral Sudoku, Tiny Lobster, 2020
Easy Suguru, Vols 1-3, Tiny Lobster, 2017
Challenging Suguru, Vols 1-3, Tiny Lobster, 2017
Stupendous Suguru, Vols 1-9, Tiny Lobster, 2017
Battleships Attack! Vols 1-3, Tiny Lobster, 2017
Large Kakuro, Vols 1-3, Tiny Lobster, 2017
Tough Kakuro, Vols 1-3, Tiny Lobster, 2017
Krypto Kakuro, Vol 1, Tiny Lobster, 2017
Flickr Hacks (with Paul Bausch), O'Reilly, 2006
Masters Kakuro: 172 Challenging Puzzles, Ulysses Press, 2006
Beat the Clock Kakuro: 214 Easy to Hard Puzzles with Target Time Limits , Ulysses Press, 2006
Simple Kakuro: 214 Beginner's Puzzles, Ulysses Press, 2006
Official Palace Tour Guide - James Barnett, Daniel Gray (forward by Jim Bumgardner), Ventana Press, 1997

Interviews / Profiles

Note: my
scrapbook has a longer list of this kind of stuff - here are some highlights.

Blend Up the Internet and Everything Turns Orange — profile in Atlantic Monthly, 2014
Confessions of a Foursquare CheaterLos Angeles Times, 2010
On Being a God (Virtual Worlds) interview by Dr. John Suler, 1996
Industry Draws on Area's Talent - Los Angeles Times, 1994

Coding Tutorials / Source Code / Technical Docs

Joy of Processing,
Building Tag Clouds in Perl and PHP, O'Reilly, 2006
Making Rainbows and Other Color Cycles in Javascript,
Using the Arcane Operators in Javascript and Actionscript,
Circles, Spirals and Sunflowers - an HTML5/Canvas Tutorial,
Circles, Spirals and Sunflowers - a Processing.js Tutorial,
Double Rainbow All the Way! - an HTML5/Canvas Tutorial,
Jamming with the Yahoo Music APIs Yahoo! Music Network
A Flash Actionscript Bestiary at
Processing Examples at
mcp - a perl script for mirroring files on remote servers,
CD+G Revealed - Playing back Karaoke tracks in Software, 1995

Computer-assisted Mentalism / Magic Tricks

Google Fool
One Click Card Trick
Mind Power (self running)
Spinning Oracle (self running)
The Internet Lie Detector
The Oracle of Batboy

Music (recorded and sheet music)
Bad Poetry

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