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Psychoanalysis with Sigmund Freud

This movie uses a script similar to the famous ELIZA program by Joseph Weizenbaum. ELIZA is the basis for many chat-bots on the Internet these days, but here we use it as it was originally intended, to simulate a psychiatrist. You can talk to it by typing questions.

If you can't type anything, try clicking next to the triangle at the bottom.

ELIZA is supposed to imitate the supposedly passsive style of a 'Rogerian' therapist. The reason this style of conversation was chosen (as opposed to say, the witty repartee of Oscar Wilde) is because this style of conversation is easy to fake using cheap tricks.

I've chosen to invoke the spirit of Sigmund Freud instead of Carl Rogers because he is more well known, however neither the real Freud (nor the real Rogers) would recommend this particular approach to mental health!


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